Wine Barrel Bar Design Ideas

Nov 22nd
Wine Barrel Bar Unique

No longer reserved for fancy dining afternoons, the wine barrel bar has gained popularity over all demographics. Wine offers easy availability, a wide range of prices and a wealth of flavors and types. The increased popularity has brought wine in the home and people installing home wine bars, basements and coolers. Depending on your taste and your home style, the choices for a home wine bar design are huge.

Wine Storage

When designing a wine bar at home, first consider how many bottles of wine barrel bar you want to store at any time and what types of wine you will keep. The number of bottles determines how large an area and type of storage you need. The type of wine, red or white, determines if the wine needs to be stored cold or at room temperature, according to Wine storage comes in a variety of types and sizes including bars, racks, cabinets and refrigerators. For smaller collections, consider a wine rack that can be placed on an existing disk, table or even hung on a wall. For a larger collection, consider buying a wine cabinet or cooler.

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Cabinets and radiators hold 50 or more bottles and also come in a variety of styles. For the serious home wine buff, wine cellar holds hundreds of bottles and maintaining the right wine temperature and humidity in all modes. To add more style to your home wine bar, consider using bar stools, a pub table or donkeys to create a place to not only store your wine, but serve it as well. Bar stools and pub tables give you and your guest’s comfortable places to sit and enjoy your wine. Wine bar furniture can also include wine storage so you can have style and functionality in one piece.

Bar Ware

Every home wine bar requires suitable bar ware to serve the wine. Traditionally, white wines are served in narrow glass with smaller openings, and reds made in wider glass with larger openings. However, the glass will not change the taste or the smell of the wine, so choose glasses that suit your style. A wine carafe, a glass vessel that helps to extract the wine’s aroma by allowing it to breathe, making wine simple and elegant. Each wine bar needs a good wine opener and bottle of paper cutter. Other accessories that help tip your wine bar include wine and roller coaster, Stemware rack and glass charm.

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