Vintage Bedroom Furniture: Never Go Out Of Style!

Nov 17th
Vintage Bedroom Sets 1960

There are certain styles of decoration that never go out of style, one of them is the vintage bedroom furniture style. If you show a predilection for old things, this type of decoration is the ideal one for you. If you want to give a retro and vintage look to your room, take note of the following decorative ideas. As for the colors you use when decorating your bedroom, try to have a balance between all the tones used. For example, if you use a light color, such as beige, do not use dark colors like black for the rest of the room. If you have some old objects saved, wash them well and use them as decorative elements of your room.

If you have shelves or shelves in the room, you can place different objects. Such as books, photos, vases of flowers without an apparent order to, in this way. Create that retro atmosphere so characteristic of this style. In relation to the furniture and to give them that vintage look, you can use large pillows of different colors and with different figures. The ideal in this aspect is to create a contrast of colors to achieve that desired effect. Another aspect to create that retro atmosphere , is to place shelves on the wall with decorative floral elements.

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Old suitcases, typewriters and other old items can become the best way to recover the vintage air of your room. And update it in a fun and original way. You can also choose to put a small desk with several compartments. Where you can place old objects in a somewhat messy way like toys, books or other decoration elements. As for the bed, try to match the furniture. And the rest of the bedroom decoration. A good idea is to put a down comforter and some cotton sheets .

Finally and to give the final touch to your room. It is to put on top of the dresser a large mirror and oval shape that will give you that vintage look you are looking for your bedroom. Try to make the mirror frame the same tone as the furniture. If you follow all these tips on decoration, you will get to give your bedroom that vintage air you so desire and long for. And is that the vintage style basically consists of reviving retro furniture dating from the 70s, rescuing those old times and giving them topicality.

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