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Nov 16th
Wood Stump Side Table

The wooden trunks allow the presence of nature in the home as a decorative element. The options are endless and will depend on your creativity and inspiration. The proposals tree stump coffee table designed generate a lot of positive emotions and adapt to the style; rustic, Scandinavian, rural, tropical, eclectic and sneaks very well in the modern with its airs. The process; very easy. The materials to do it yourself. They are all versatile, but you must have a jib lock. If we start here; will make you want to start a project with young logs or old logs, right now.

The wood of this trunk will be protected and protected from the weather and will not be exposed to moisture, therefore the level of risk of deterioration is low. The trunk should be dry before working with it and with a simple protection of specific paint for wood and then varnish, it will be enough. Pay a little more to prevent future termites and bugs. With a cross section equivalent to the length of the table, then a diagonal cut that passes through the center of the trunk; you could practically build two tables; sand and paint.

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Cutting, drying, polishing, sanding, painting and finishing the stump with a protective polyurethane layer based on soy. If you use softwood logs like cedar and pine; that weighs less than most hardwoods, you can handle it easily. And finally a beveled glass of 19 mm. The same trunk, its cross section and a diagonal on its edge that will act as kitchen stop. Then you attach it to the rest of the kitchen whose base is in wood, looking like a continuation of it. You had never imagine something like that. The trunk, with its roughness, has been sanded at the top to allow more convenience when handling food in the kitchen.

Green wood’s have a high degree of humidity; 30 -35% and for that reason. When they are freshly cut they should not be used to work them. Because when drying they contract, shrink and crack. It is better to wait until they are somewhat dry, so that their humidity oscillates between 10 and 15%. In this way you can knit the young tree logs more easily and l og the base of the furniture and then wait for it to continue drying with the air and the sun. Using natural tree branches to decorate is a trend, perhaps due to the influence of the Nordic style in the interior design that is gaining space.

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