To Wire Light to a Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Dec 8th
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Many homeowners have nice porcelain and dishes to be displayed. Homeowners who are lucky enough to have a fronted glass kitchen cabinet doors can easily and securely display these items. Wiring and fittings into the cabinet will further enhance the display of your workmanship. Under the cabinet lighting is usually installed throughout the kitchen cabinet. The same lighting can installed inside the cabinet. Homeowners who are not familiar with electrical wiring should contact an authorized electrician. Inexperienced do it yourself homeowners can connect the light incorrectly and cause damage to their homes.

To wire a light to a glass cabinet doors, starting with find switching box for your home. Turn off the power to the kitchen. Attach under the cabinet the lamp to the underside of the top of the kitchen cabinet. Put the lamp in place on the cabinet. Attach the league to the closet with screws and a screwdriver. Drill a hole through the back wall on the top of the cabinet a large ½ inch diameter drill bit and drill with. Run a 12/2 NM electrical cable length through the hole on the back of the cabinet of the existing light switch. Strip away the plastic cap from about six inches at each end of the cable. Under the outer plastic windshield, three wires are covered with plastic wires.

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Strip away? Thin the plastic cap from the ends of these wires. Unscrew the perforated round piece under the cabinet lamp with a screwdriver. Install a cable connector in the resulting hole. Insert the three cable leads through the cable connector. Pull the connector so that it clamps down on the wires to hold it in place. Remove the old electrical box for the light switch. Install a new box that accommodates an additional light switch. Disconnect the cables from the old box to the new cable and light switch wiring. Find all the white threads.

Twist the ends of the wires and thread a wire nut over the top of the visible metal ends. Repeat with the black wires and the green grounding leads. Slide the outlet leads into the power box. Turn the switches and turn the plate cover into place with a screwdriver. Connect the wiring under the glasses cabinet lighting to the three cable wires. Match the black, white and green wires of the cable with the corresponding wires in the lamp. Vaier nuts the ends of the wires. Install the light bulbs in the underside lamp. Turn on the power to the kitchen.

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