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Dec 9th
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Installing grey hardwood floors requires relatively little preparation and can be moved quickly once the work has begun. Following some simple techniques that have been used by experienced installers, here we tell you how to install hardwood floors that last for many years. Hardwood floors can be very damaged if moisture is filtered through the lower plywood sub-floor. To protect against this eventuality, install a base as a vapor barrier. The base types vary. For this work, the workers used a composite of two layers of Kraft paper laminated with asphalt.

Extend the vapor barrier so that it covers the entire plywood sub-floor and fix it with staples. When estimating the materials for installing grey solid hardwood floors, calculate in square feet the space to be covered, and add 10 to 15 percent to the total, leaving a margin for the waste resulting from the tables that are damage when cut or defective. Wood floors expand and contract, sometimes quite, with changes in temperature. It is important to acclimate the tables to the temperature of the room before installing them. The wood is too hot when installed, it will contract and leave unsightly spaces between one piece and another.

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If the room is very cold during installation, the boards can be above and deform when the room temperature rises. If you are thinking of installing grey hardwood floors home depot in a new construction. Keep in mind that these should be installed only after the air conditioning and heating systems of the home have been fully activated and the interior temperature is normalized. It is best to download the tables in the room, and leave them there to adjust to room temperature. At least 48 hours before installation. Most installers align the floor with the boards parallel to the longest outer wall of the room. Ideally, the boards will be at right angles to the subfloor joists. The first board is attached to the wall and is nailed to its top, near the wall.

For best fixation, use 2-inch nails that reach the floor joists. In general, light gray hardwood floors boards are tongue and groove, an assembly form in which the tongue of each piece fits into the groove of another. Adjust the new boards to each other in the direction of the ones already installed. And tap them lightly with the metal face of a floor mallet, to ensure that they fit properly. (The metal face is angled to minimize damage to the wood). It is likely that the first 2 to 4 rows must be driven through the boards until a pneumatic floor nail gun can be used.

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