The Versatile 2 Shelf Bookcase

Dec 1st
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A very popular style of bookcase is the 2 shelf bookcase. It is compact enough to fit in any type of location, providing there is some space for it. It can be use for storing books, or for displaying collectibles or other decorative objects. You can also find some that are suite to mount on a wall. Usually you can find this type of bookshelf for a very reasonable price. They are carried by most major stores. Including Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Home Office and many other similar stores. A cheaper bookcase can often bought for as little as $15 to $20. With most of the moderately priced bookcases only costing around $30 to $40. Of course, these are not made from high grade hard wood. But they will usually suffice and will last as long time if properly cared for.

More expensive bookcases, such as those made from mahogany or oak, are also readily available although you may want to check out actual furniture stores if you are planning on spending a substantial amount of money for one. While all bookcases can be classified as furniture, the hardwood bookcases are higher end furniture where often the piece of furniture itself is on display as much as the articles resting on the shelves. You should be expect to pay at least $100 for good quality 2 shelf bookcases, or possibly even more for a higher end one.

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Remember too, if shipping for 2 shelf bookcases online. That you will also need to pay additional costs, in most cases, for shipping. Some stores will allow you to order online and then go to a branch of their store nearby to pick up the item. If this is an option for you, it can help to keep the costs of purchasing a cheaper bookcase down quite low. Other online stores will offer free shipping for order over a certain amount. If you have the bookcase shipped to you, it is likely that you will need to assemble it yourself. Thankfully, this is usually a relatively simple task that almost anyone with a screwdriver. And a set of instructions before them, should be able to accomplish.

The 2 shelf bookcase is not only functional, but it can also add to your overall decor. It is relatively cheap, and due to its smaller size, it will usually fit into most rooms without any problem.

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