Fantastic Steampunk Home Decor

Nov 15th
Steampunk Projects For Beginners

The term Steampunk implies too much, covers a field too broad to say that it is a decorative style . It would be a mistake to do so, since in reality it is an artistic expression; but what we can say is that this term has its decorative side. And it’s worth it to know it, its originality and spectacularity will not leave you indifferent … The steampunk home decor is not a decorative style itself. It is something much wider: an artistic manifestation that also extends to personal aesthetics. The term was born in the 80s to define a series of literary works that took place in the Victorian era. It is this time that in some way mimics this style. Within an alternative world in which there are ingenuities typical of the coal and steam era, many of them implausible.

Internet hosts a real movement about the Steampunk. And then, in recent times has begun to see some blogs devote to decoration apply to this fantastic style and sometimes impossible. Under the premise of “converting the old into new, and new into old”. As Steampunk Aesthetics points out . There is a rejection of current aesthetics and advanced technology. Emerging inventions of ancient flavor. The result of complex craftwork that turn the Stemapunk in a subgenre of fantasy and fiction with a certain magic touch.

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So we can find objects of current technology reinvente. As computers that under an old appearance hide powerful devices with a heart to the last. But whose skin belongs to another time. Typewriters, fans and other inventions that we would not know how to name. Combine technology and old flavor. On the desks we find magnifying glasses, monocles, curious metallic glasses. And articulate lamps made of old metal. The capitoné finish typical of Chester sofas is a constant in the upholstery. Brass, copper and also bronze are the metals with which furniture and objects are build and cover.

Fantasy is a constant and the ingenuity of each passionate about Steampunk leads to get very personal sets fruit of an overflow imagination. What we strive to hide today is shown in all its thickness. Like the pipes in this bathroom that run naked on a metal panel. It seems that they had lengthened just for the pleasure of adding watches that measure pressure or temperature. A porthole embed in the center of the shower transports us to a trip on the Nautilus next to Captain Nemo. In short, a unique aesthetic that draws attention for its originality and its very particular results.

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