Ever Hear Talk About Steampunk Furniture?

Nov 15th
Victorian Steampunk Decor

Some of us choose to decorate our houses with simple elements that can be transform or modified in future interventions. While others manage to create unconventional designs that express their taste and personality in an instant. The theme chosen for today is dedicate to a style that some may find strange and peculiar. But which in reality has many followers. We talk about the steampunk furniture and decoration. It is a trend that has evolve over time in more than one subgenre of science fiction and fantasy. Defining today a lifestyle for some. In the Victorian British Empire it is use as the main backdrop for some projects that are being very successful.

What some see as simple scrap, others find it as an exhibition of unconventional compositions that exude a raw theme. But which is somehow strangely elegant. Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction. Or scientific fantasy that incorporates technology. And aesthetic designs inspired by industrial steam machinery of the nineteenth century. Although their literary origins are sometimes associate with the cyberpunk genre. Steampunk works often develop into an alternative story of the British Victorian era of the 19th century or the “American Wild West”. In a post-apocalyptic future during which Steam energy has remained in use, a fantasy world that similarly uses steam energy.

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Steampunk can be describe as neo-Victorian. Perhaps its most recognizable characteristics are the anachronistic technologies. Or the retro-futurist inventions that the people of the 19th century could have foreseen. And it is also roote in the perspective of that time in terms of fashion, culture, architectural style and art. Such technology may include fictitious machines. Such as those find in the works of HG Wells and Jules Verne. Or modern authors Philip Pullman, Scott Westerfeld, Stephen Hunt and China Miéville. Other examples of this style contain alternative historical presentations of this technology such as lighter aircraft than air. Analog computers or digital mechanical computers such as the analytical engine of Charles Babbage.

Each style of interior decoration has its own palette of colors. And also range of materials that define the specific theme and shape. Its form: steel, marble, glass defines a modern style; wood, burlap, copper and natural fabrics will create a rustic decoration, etc. So, what materials are specific to steampunk decoration? The steampunk style originates as we have seen from the industrial revolution. So it is natural that copper should be the primary material that dominates the scene. Combine the rough tones with turquoise and recreate a rich vibrant atmosphere . It can be consider the basis for your design.

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