Affordable Small Bathroom Makeovers

Nov 14th
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Do you want to small bathroom makeovers and renovate and do not know where to start? If you are thinking about a reform for your bathroom, here you will find ideas and solutions about coatings, tiles, installations and sanitary appliances, so that your step for the toilet is an unforgettable experience. Nowadays the problem of the bathrooms is that they are extremely small. The bathroom of a house is the room that changes the most throughout its useful life. Because in a minimum space there is a large number of installations that are being use continuously. And to this we add the constant presence of humidity, which generates wear and premature aging of pipes and walls.

A good idea is to make a list of the elements that you are going to change, and pass it on to the reform companies so they can put a price on it. You will only have to describe the changes you want to make. You do not have to measure anything, because that’s what the companies themselves are responsible for. It is also not advisable because then there will be disparity of criteria and problems will come. Make sure that all companies budget the same, that way you will not break your head by comparing prices. In addition, the appearance of the budget that you receive from each company will already give you an idea about their professionalism.

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The best idea is to start designing the reform with the help of expert people. An interior designer, a bricklayer or a plumber will give you ideas on how to organize the bathroom that you would never have thought of. Because they already have the experience of a good amount of works behind their backs and know in advance all the doubts that will arise. Do not forget to ask for references to each company. That nowadays there is much ready you have gotten to make reforms without any knowledge.

Sometimes they offer you a very low price, and as soon as they collect the money. They disappear, leaving the work half done. Verify also that the budget includes detailed and well-explained items. This will avoid misunderstandings.  If you want the work to be fast, clean and economical, place the new tiles above the old siding. So you will not have to lift it or generate so much rubble. But make sure that the old tiles do not have gaps or come off easily. Because if not with the new weight it will come down.

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