Fantastic Rustic Coffee Tables Decor

Jun 14th
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Discover these rustic coffee tables that you can make at home and take advantage of to have a really attractive and functional decorative detail in your home. Decorating the coffee tables or also called coffee table is as important as any other part of the house since that is where most of the meetings between friends and family are made. It is true that with the house full of young children it is more difficult to put your treasures on the table. Or because it bothers you to put the quick snack or dinner to watch your favorite movie. But you have to take it into account because it is what you see once you enter the room. You will need some things that are essential to make this rustic coffee table. Such as a glass base the size you want to make your table.

For this, you can take advantage of the advice that is usually give to us by those who sell glass and other details. Because they cut it to size and can advise you on how much you really need. And can be support comfortably. You will also need around 20 trunks to place the rustic coffee table on top.  The trunks must be in excellent condition and of the same size. You can choose less trunks but thicker, or vice versa, trunks with less thickness but more quantity.You know you have to take care of the detail. And I tell you with knowledge because until recently it was empty.

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Put something high so that volume to the table. But without going over course, can be a medium vase, a candle. In this photo the horse is the one that gives volume to the table. Always something natural like flowers or plants, takes a lot of bouquets of peonies, roses or some cactus like succulents. Something peculiar that is a unique piece with history. Or with some original touch to create a sensation of curiosity like a shell, a beautiful stone or some other object. And what can not be missing is a beautiful books: decoration, art, fashion.

What you have to do is always create a composition that sticks with the overall decoration of the room. And above all that is identified with your own style so that it does not break the harmony. Use your imagination to find great treasures for your home that have a sentimental value. And take advantage of each special season to make changes. Thus your coffee table will be versatile and elegant.

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