Secret Keys to Get Perfect Round Kitchen Tables

Jun 13th
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The dining rooms are often the great jokers of the home. If the house has another table in the kitchen, the dining room piece is rarely use for family gatherings or friends. And the rest of the time serves as a work table or to do homework. Here are some keys to get the perfect round kitchen tables for your home. Taking into account the space and the needs of each home. When choosing the size and shape of the dining table , there are two factors that must not be ignored: on the one hand, the real needs of the inhabitants of the house and, on the other, the space of the that the house has.

It is clear that a large family will need a table of appropriate size so that everyone can sit down together to eat. But a person who lives alone. If he has the habit of having guests often for lunch or dinner, may also need a large table. In summary, the question to get right in the size of the table. It is to know how to analyze our needs very well. And not so much the number of family members. Another trick is to make a console as it can function as an extension to the dining table. Which is usually locate elsewhere in the house. And, when necessary, can be attach to the dining table.

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The first factor that will have to be considered will be the length. The ideal space for a diner to be comfortable and to fit a full cover is 60 cm wide . Therefore, you must multiply this measure by the number of people you want to sit at your table to calculate the minimum measures that should have your dining room. As for the bottom, you have to calculate a minimum of 40 cm depth per guest. In this way the ideal size of a rectangular table for four people would be 120 x 80 cm.

If what fits you best is a round table, the optimal diameter measurements vary depending on the number of guests you want to sit at your table. The problem with a large majority of households is that they do not have enough space to have a table of the size they would like. In this sense it is important to emphasize that the table should have the right size for daily use. For special occasions, where more diners have to be accommodate. The extendable tables are very useful. But there are also other tricks.

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