Dreamed Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Jun 13th
Wood Console Table Pottery Barn

From the French console, according to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, what we know by console furniture is a “table made to be close to the wall, commonly without drawers and with a second board immediately on the floor”. And while today there are many designs – with and without drawers, with and without a board on the floor – what we can say is that the reclaimed wood console table are the decoration queens in any home . Not to mention the toilets, a piece with pleasure that all coquettish women dream to have in their bedroom or bathroom to preen as in the movies.

Both, consoles and dressing tables, are two very functional furniture, that decorate by themselves. The purpose of each one has sometimes been exchange. A console can become a toilet and a dressing table in a console. Do you fancy a little inspiration? The retro style covers almost three decades, although the ones that come to mind are the ’60s and the’ 70s. The furniture of that time pretended to be futuristic (for the moment). And that is why one of the main characteristics of retro furniture is the dry lines, straight or curved. But well define and without frills, which for that were already the garish prints of wallpapers, curtains and tablecloths.

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The current retro style is more a combination of the new with the old. So putting a console or a dressing table with sixties air in your home. Does not have to be out of tune with the rest of the decoration. Look at the detail of the legs, almost all have a conical shape and open to the sides of the furniture. Another characteristic of retro furniture. Do you like this style for a dresser or a dresser?

The fans of this style know that today we call everything vintage that looks old. Even if it has just left the factory. But this is not exactly the case. I mean: vintage is a word we have adopt from English “vintich” and not from French as most people think. The English use the word ‘vintage’ to refer to all kinds of objects. Whether furniture or cars, which by their age are not consider an antique but are old enough to make the object in question special. Clarified this, now we know that a console. Or an authentic vintage toilet would be that piece that really has years of history.

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