Perfect Look of Polished and Painted Concrete Floors

Jun 11th
Should I Paint My Concrete Basement Floor

This floor is a mixture that is applied on site and smoothed manually or mechanically. If the surface is well done, it does not need to be paired with a folder or covered with mosaics, rugs or other types of finishes. It also opens the doors to creativity since it can be given color and textures for the painted concrete floors. The way to do it is simple but there are details to take into account since it is not just about dumping the materials on the ground. And although it is better to have the help of a specialist, we can do it ourselves with a mixture in the right proportions and a neat finish that ensures a good appearance and durability.

What is the smoothed cement floor? The smoothed concrete floor is a folder made of concrete. That is placed on the subfloor and allowed to set on the construction site. It takes cement, broken stone, sand and water and the advisable thing. That painting concrete floors ideas has a thickness of at least 5 cm and that no cloths of more than 6 square meters are made, which prevents the formation of cracks and imperfections. Between each cloth, an expansion joint must be left. Which may be made of wood, ceramic, metal or some other material.

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There several types of cement smoothing. The traditional smoothed cement floor is the one made with a mixture of cement, broken stone, sand and water. It is economical and easy to make. But if it is going to be placed in an area of required use or a lot of loads it must be done with an iron armor to give it more resistance. This floor can be decorated with concrete floor paint colors, embedding of other materials, guards and textures. And if you want to obtain a flood of bright colors it is advisable to make the concrete with white cement. Which will give a greater enhancement to the pigment used for tone.

Another variety, the smoothed micro-cement is a layer of colored material 1 to 2 mm thick. It can be placed on existing ceramic or mosaic coated floors without the need to remove them. This kind of floor is placed by a specialized person. And it has a cost similar to the installation of a ceramic floor. Once the concrete has been poured on the subfloor, the leveling and smoothing process of concrete floor ideas DIY project begins. First, the mixture is uniformly distributed with a rubber dryer. Or similar and then it is leveled and smoothed with a wooden strip with very smooth faces. When the surface looks uniform, a felt or sponge or a roller is passed. And finally, the imperfections are removed with a manual trowel.

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