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Jun 11th
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Office dividers have gained a leading role in recent years in the field of planning and design of workspaces. It happens that renting larger offices has become too expensive, and buying new spaces for companies has become impossible; with which the dividing walls for offices were transformed into a highly sought solution, since a dividing wall allows more jobs to be located in the existing offices, without losing the necessary privacy required by the offices of the high controls, and allowing at the same time to segment the environments, giving rise to meeting rooms, organization by work groups or tasks, etc.

on the one hand there are mobile panels, much more flexible in terms of the uses they allow. But also less consistent, especially in terms of the privacy they cause. Since a mobile partition does not guarantee privacy in meetings. While allowing the passage of sound and others; In any case, the latter can not be affirm so radically either. Because today there are intermediate alternatives. Such as mobile acoustic dividing walls that reduce the surrounding noise and talk without so much exposure.

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On the other side there are partitions of fix offices: in this group there are different models. Such as the tubular aluminum partition, durlock, etc. And although they are located in one place and are not transportable. A durlock partition is a super functional resource as an office divider. However, in terms of basic materials, it is possible to resort to different combinations. The fixed office partitions that we manage from Numancia can combine plates of melanins, wood and glass. These room dividers can have rounded edges. And are present with aluminum caps on the columns. So that the screws that fix the structures are not expose.

The horizontal crossbars are also suitable for incorporating covers that allow to house and hide cables internally. Being also easily removable. Among the benefits offered by our partitions for office can be mention the fact for nothing less than they are very versatile. And are as we said easily removable, being able to enlarge, shrink or modify in the future. This runs both for durlock partition walls and aluminum office partitions. And obviously mobile phones offer this chance from the start. Given their status as transportable dividers. The tubular partitions for office that we handle can appear with endings of entangled, glazed, in melanins, woods and combined. See you soon!

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