7 Killer Reasons to Use Office Ball Chair

Nov 21st
Yoga Ball Chair Base

For all of us who spend time in front of the computer it is very important to have a body position that does not cause back pain and that makes us have a correct body position. 99% use chairs, it is what there is, what is pre-established, it is what they sell us and that is what we have learned. Today I will try to give you reasons to stop using the chair and start using it to sit the office ball chair, yes, the Fit ball, that huge medicine ball that is used in Pilates classes and that now also begins to be used in classes of core (abdominal). Forces an adequate alignment of the back:   Due to the instability of the pelta, the body needs to balance in it. The perfect posture is, coincidentally, the best way to balance yourself.

Therefore, the body will automatically try to align itself in the correct posture. This improves the health of the spine, and prevents back pain. Cause we change positions frequently . A medicine ball will keep us from changing continuously. For example, if we rotate 45 degrees to answer the phone, our body will assume a new position. This helps reduce the damage caused by sitting in the same position for a long time Exercise available to everyone.  You can perform stretching or mini-exercises whenever you want, without even getting up.

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If we have to wait a minute or two for something, we can make productive use of that time with a quick stretch. Because it is much more convenient, we probably do more, resulting in better health. Improves balance and balance Sitting on an unstable surface all day will improve the sense of balance and balance, in addition, it will also improve the reaction of the muscles. Get that 6 pack that you wanted so much.  The body uses the abdominal muscles to compensate for balance changes.

Therefore, we are getting an abdominal exercise all the time. It may not sound like much. But you have to consider the time we spent in front of the computer in the office, or at home. Using a medicine ball or Fitball, will keep blood flowing through all parts of the body, throughout the day. A desk chair, on the other hand, reduces circulation. We will feel energize.  It has been prove that being in the same position will tire us more. While being in motion will give us more energy. With a medicine ball as a chair, we will feel more energized after finishing work.

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