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Dec 5th
Wood And Concrete Dining Table

Creating a polished concrete table top with a wooden base is an excellent resource to get a piece of furniture elegant enough for any interior environment and strong enough to withstand outdoor time. Although you can find this kind of surface in the business of the branch (gardening or furniture), making a surface of these characteristics at home can be a more economical and personal alternative, although this will depend on the type of wood according to the support structure and the mortar mixture used.

This work also allows each to give a personal touch by using glass inlays, pieces of tiles or tiles, and even print leaves of plants on the surface. To build a polishing concrete table top it is not necessary to have the knowledge or special tools, since it is possible to take advantage of the support base of an old table, as long as say part of the furniture is in good condition and has the necessary robustness to support the Cement plate that will go on top. Those who possess skills for carpentry can take on the additional challenge of assembling their own support with the wood of their choice. The following instructions are use to make a rectangular concrete board.

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In the first place, the mold must be assemble inside which the material must be poure. For that, you can take a rectangle of agglomerate clad in melamine whose measurements will depend on the dimensions of the frame of the table support. The choice of this type of material for the construction of the box is due to the fact. That its plastic surface will help the concrete table top for sale plate look smooth. As well as being water resistant and low cost. In addition to the rectangle, it will be necessary to cut four pieces that correspond to the walls of the mold. Two long and two short. The first ones having to project from the margins of the base, in order to facilitate their later removal.

Once all the pieces are cut, they are join to assemble the mold using nails or screws. Taking care not to cause damage to the wood. Next, all the interior margins of the box must be caulk. Using coloring silicone to detect stains and surplus sealer more easily. You can also take advantage of this material to create rounded edges in the future concrete table top molds board. One must be very careful to clean all the stains since any imperfection on the surface of the melanin will be printing unfailingly on the fresh concrete.

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