Mid Century Modern Side Table Decoration

Nov 21st
White Modern Side Table

Mid century modern side table serve multiple features at home. A table near the front door gives the impression of a pavement where none exists. A side table near a chair provides a place to put a reading lamp or a roller coaster for drinks. A decorated side table over from a seating area gives a focal point in the room. Create multiple tables’ capes with items that you already use in other rooms and swap them on a single page table to earn all these features when you need them.


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Read Nook Stack several books against the back of the table. Place the “mid century modern side table” style books on the back. Stack smaller books with the largest book at the bottom and the smallest top. Choose books that have interesting backs or covers. Place a high light next to the books. If large-scale projector is available from another source, replace a light for the lamp. Set a low vase of flowers in front of the lamp and books. For longer lifetime tables, change the flowers with a small plant. The combination of books, a light source and a living plant or flower is a classic theme that works in a variety of configurations.


Select three, five or seven of the most interesting items from a collection. Choose objects with different shapes, colors or textures. Place the highest items in the back and shorter items in the front. Not the very table with a lot of objects. Less is more. Arrange everyday things like framed photographs or silver candlesticks if you do not have a collection. Drape season’s fabric over side tables.

Add Christmas decorations like a little flocked Christmas tree, Halloween collectibles or a basket filled with Easter eggs. Place a floor lamp next to the table to provide accent lighting for tables. Place a single container in the center of the table. Fill the container with items in nature: Fill a vase of spring flowers, arrange citrus fruit in a bowl or pile of pots in a basket. Lean a mirror against the wall behind the arrangement to enhance the effect. Side tables are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. But finding the exact table that matches your needs often becomes obsolete and expensive. Decorate an existing sideboard or one from a frugal store using a creative painting method to make a cute and cheap option that suits your home decor needs.

Tips and warnings

Your side table should look good from all views. Look at it from all angles when decorating and moving objects around so it will make your eye comfortable wherever you stand or sitting.

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