Low Bookcase: Helps to Be Perfectly Integrated

Jun 8th
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It is clear that bookstores always come to us phenomenally. In all its versions are perfect to save and have extra space for our things. Whether shelves, light shelves, shelves with shelves, or traditional low bookcase, they are always welcome at home. However, although we need them, the truth is that many times we do not know where to place them. If we imagine this same room, which has little space from the wall to the bed, with the bookcase placed on the floor, it certainly would not be as spacious. And is that with something as simple as raising it, we get the two objectives to give a good solution.

Many times, due to structural issues, we see ourselves with a column in the middle of a wall, or with weird gaps in a room. We can take advantage of this against to take advantage and get us with a couple of bookstores. The symmetry in these cases, always helps to be perfectly integrated without appearing to be space is formed. Actually, it’s as if they were designed for the hole … Do not you think? In principle, it is an option that has the great against that I find impractical. Quite simply, because books weigh a lot and the door will end up falling off.

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Now, if it is an area with little step that we are not always opening and closing, it may be a perfectly feasible and practical solution. Sometimes, less thoughtful things work best. It is already a classic, but it does not stop being a good idea. Instead of a console, or a low chest, we can use a library, with a lighter structure, to delimit spaces and give a structure to living spaces. Thus, we can separate environments, while also expanding the space to save. All this with the aesthetic contribution that this resource provides us and that always remains beautiful.

Sometimes, putting a large bookcase may seem too “heavy” or too formal. One way to integrate it into simpler spaces is to put wheels on it. The theme gives it an industrial look, the possibility of moving the furniture without too many problems And a “simple and functional” aspect typical of offices, children’s rooms, playgrounds. Because it is clear that, although by background and structure. They are perfect for storing and stacking books, we can also play with this type of furniture, to show and place other objects.

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