Japanese Style Bamboo Water Fountain

Dec 2nd
Bamboo Rocking Fountain Diy

A bamboo water fountain offers the serenity of sight and the sound of the flowing water. It also offers the blow that the bamboo water fountain pipe makes after the water that collects inside is empty. As the pivoting water pipe returns to the vertical position. A length of bamboo or rock is make, which acts like a drum. The sound effect was originally design to ward off deer, so these sources are also know as deer scares. There is a moving part in a bamboo fountain, the water pipe. It is easy to build. Cut a long section of 18 inches of bamboo 2 inches in diameter.

Look at one end of the bamboo for any obstruction, the bamboo must be completely hollow. Any blockage will be in the nodes, the raise edges that revolve around the bamboo. Drill through any locks on the bamboo with an electric drill, a drill extender, and a corresponding size blade tip. Cut one end of the bamboo rocking fountain at an angle with a saw. This will be peak spout of the water pipe. Plug to the opposite end of the water pipe with a size-matching wooden plug and glue, or with water-resistant wood putty. Find the equilibrium point of the water pipe by balancing on the other side of an index finger pointing.

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Once you find the equilibrium point creates a pencil mark on the side of the bamboo that is 1/2 to 1 inch towards the open end of the bamboo. Adjust the water tube with the long end flush with a flat work surface. Match a 3/4 inch diameter bamboo drill. Place the tip of a spade bit on the pencil mark in the center of the bamboo water fountain kit. Hold the drill so the bit is level to the ground and drill all the way through both walls of the bamboo. The hole should be drill 1/2 inch to 1 inch away from the equilibrium point so the water pipe will fill with water. Tip over and pour the water out and then tilt back to receive more water.

Cut two lengths of 9 inches of bamboo 3/4 inches. Glue each end in each hole drilled. The two lengths of 9 inches of bamboo can be cut to their size according to the margin of space between the two bamboo rocking fountain diy or wood posts that will have to integrate. The holes drill in the uprights should be large enough in diameter so that when the two 3/4 inch diameter bamboo rods are put into the corresponding holes, the water pipe can swing freely with any resistance.

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