Ideas to Install Black Bamboo Flooring

Nov 25th
Wonderful Solid Bamboo Flooring
Wonderful Solid Bamboo Flooring

Black bamboo flooring is a beautiful and natural alternative to processed laminate flooring. When bamboo floors were first introduced, a professional fitter usually uses staples or glue to keep the floor in place. With the introduction of bamboo click floor, however, even a DIY can install a professional bamboo floor. The main difference between installing bamboo and other types of click floors is that you have to provide more room for expansion in bamboo planks. Clean with a broom and shop to make sure that the floor in the room where you install bamboo click floors is free of dirt. If this is a wooden floor, remove all nails and sand down raw spots. On concrete floors fill all valleys with self-pulped pulp.

Lay a moisture barrier on concrete under floor. This prevents water from wiping and twisting bamboo. Use a layer of plastic that is at least 6 mil. Place a sheet on the side of the room where you want to start. This step is not necessary on wood subfloors. Put a piece of foam padding (over moisture barrier if this is a concrete sub-floor). Start in a corner of the room. Set the first piece of bamboo floors in the corner. Use tile spacers or floor spacers to hold bamboo at least 3/8 inches from the wall on both sides. Note that this is more than standard laminate because bamboo expands more than conventional laminate.

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Keep your second piece of bamboo flooring so that the smaller end is adjacent to the first piece of the joiner. Slide the tongue of this board into the groove of the first board. Carefully lower the other board to the ground until you hear it clicks into place. Use spacers to keep the appropriate distance from the wall. Saw your third piece of floor in half with the table saw. Adjust it so that the new cropped end faces the wall. Keep this lengthwise side of the first board. Put the tongue into the groove and lower to the floor until you hear it clicks into place. Give it a few punches with a ball to secure in place. Cut the board keeps your floor offset and gives it a more natural look.

Hold the fourth table next to the other board. Put the tongue into the groove on the other table and lower in place. Slide this along the track until it reached the third table. Carefully reach your hands under the boards and maneuver them so that the fourth board slides into the groove at the head of the third table. Lower boards back to the floor and press space with a club. Repeat this process that alternates between plates on one row and then the other until you reach a long wall. Measure and cut the last boards to fit, leaving enough space for expansion distance. Pull the last two plates into place with iron.

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