Ideas to Decorate with Tall Cylinder Vases

Nov 23rd
Glass Cylinder Vases for Centerpieces at Target

The vases are the most popular beautiful elements and used to provide an initial touch to the various spaces. One of the main advantages of its fame being the great versatility shown. When adapting to all kinds of styles and approaches. In addition, to be produced in thousands of various designs. Glass vases are a great raw material to build our own aesthetic and beautiful objects. Therefore, let’s see some ideas to decorate with tall cylinder vases.

Ideal to give an exotic touch to any room, decorating with glass vases full of striking feathers is very easy to achieve. Since you can simply use a bottle with a nice design. And simulate a floral arrangement with all kinds of feathers the brightest and strange possible. In case you do not find too many natural feathers. You can add a touch of color to your arrangement with an artificial feather. That is sold in DIY homes and decoration stores of long rectangular glass vase.

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This idea is not very innovative, I admit it, but it never hurts to remember a classic inside the arrangements and centerpieces. A wide and not very tall glass cylinder vases full of fruit is one of the perfect decorations. For both the kitchen and the dining room. In addition, with this idea to decorate your personal touch. It can be applied and put it in tune with the rest of the decoration. For example, if the light green color prevails in the dining room. A perfect fruit bowl would then be made up of green apples, green and yellow pears, lemons and white grapes. There are fruits of the most exquisite colors and tones. So it will not be difficult to find that variety that matches perfectly with your decor.

Also, you can experiment with how to assemble your fruit bowl. Using tall and narrow vases to simply place a column of apples, for example. Whether conches, seashells, corals or even a bit of sand. All these types of marine elements are ideal to form a landscape in any type of tall cylinder vases for centerpieces. Especially those with wide mouths or those in the shape of fish tanks. Just put some sand or a few stones. And finish off your creation with a starfish, a couple of shells or some snails. Of course, there are much more ways to decorate with glass vases. As well as decorative crystal vases, but to you, which one do you like the most?

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