How to Protect Beauty Reclaimed Wood Table Top

Jun 13th
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You have decided to buy a reclaimed wood table top for your dining room, but you are worried that it may become stained with daily use, suffer the effects of heat, spilled liquids or scratches. How to protect it without having to hide its beauty under the classic tablecloths? The dining table is one of the most important furniture in the house; there the family gathers daily to share meals, the children do the homework, and we enjoy good times with friends. The wooden tables are beautiful, but at the same time they are very sensitive and can be damaged easily. So you can enjoy your wooden table for years, you should protect it.

We will see the most used methods, so you do not have to resort to the classic tablecloth. Many families choose to cover their wooden table with a glass. It allows enjoying the beauty of the wood and at the same time isolates its surface. They are very resistant, but you should be careful if there are small children at home. Keep in mind that you should not use a common glass but one suitable for tables, such as tempered glass , that resists heat and shock; consult a professional who will advise you on the purchase of the best glass for your table.

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Common varnishes protect the wood, but care must be take to remove the spilled products on the table as soon as possible. Since permanent stains can form. For greater resistance, an excellent option is the polyurethane varnish – widely use in floors. Which has a high resistance to shock, abrasion and scratching. It does not stain on contact with products for domestic use, neither with solvents nor fuels.

As for the resistance to heat, it supports the boiling water and resists up to 180º of heat during 20 minutes. Its maintenance is very simple since it is wash with water, soap or detergents. With the varnish you can give a shiny, satin or matte finish to your wooden table. If you prefer to preserve the naturalness of your table and provide a beautiful rustic finish, you can decide to wax it periodically. Although you should consider that the protection of the wood will be less. In addition, its maintenance is not so simple since wax must be re-apply periodically. And when it gets too dirty you must remove all the wax to replace a new layer.

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