How To Install Wire Closet Shelving

Nov 18th
Wire Shelving
Wire Shelving

If you have too many things and you don’t know where to keep them, you have few options like buying wire closet shelving, shoe storage etc. Another option is to create your own shelves. It is not too hard and installing your own wire shelving is much cheaper than buying assembled shelves. Adding wire closet shelving to the bedroom of your home can make a big difference. If your belongings and clothes are not organized and properly stored, you won’t be able to find them promptly when you need them. The level of frustration in a home without enough storage and shelving is usually high. Closets are great for hanging things and bulky items we want out of site. Some closets need to be combined with shelving to be most useful.

Wire closet shelving organizer will offer more free space and you don’t need to be an expert to do-it-yourself. You have to start with measuring the space where you want to place the wire shelves. Put down the main points in order to not forget anything. You need to have a drywall or solid wooden walls. Make marks at each connection point. For accessories you will need support poles that replaces braces for two or three shelves. If you are using the shelves for stocking shoes you can install the shoe shelves by turning a regular shelf upside down. When buying the wire, you have to know that the open-weave-wire for shelving is the best.

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Most wire closet shelving organizer packages have instructions and tips about tools and components you need. After this, you need to make holes where you will connect the screws and the tracks. You need to do it vertically for a perfect stability. The first shelf should be at least 36 inches above the ground. Thus, you can hang clothes underneath the shelf.

Now you can anchor the first shelf using the poles, brackets and the back clips. The back clips are being used against the wall. Before anchoring the second wire shelving leave a space of 16 inches between the first and the second shelf. If you want to add drawers, then use runner frames or hanging drawer glides. Any store that offers products for wire closet shelving organizer will also have employees to guide you in installing your own wire shelving. If you have friends that have installed wire shelving before, ask for their directions.

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