Good Zinc Top Dining Table

Nov 18th
Zinc Top Round Dining Table

In the current decoration, the mix of rustic, industrial and Scandinavian style has a lot to say. In this type of eclectic environments, zinc stands as a resistant, recyclable and very versatile material, perhaps for this reason we have been using it since prehistory. The fourth most used metal in the world is a key piece in kitchens, dining rooms, outdoor living rooms and bathrooms. The dining table in wood cover with zinc top dining table is nothing new. But its models, designs and combinations are update. During this season, to flood of originality and good taste both the halls and rustic porches. Its as the Nordic kitchens and Scandinavian.

In this area of ​​so much racking, it is important to take into account some tips for its conservation. Such as: avoid scratches and splashes of acids (such as lemon or vinegar). Spain is the main zinc producer in Europe. Due to its great recycling capacity, its consumption has skyrocketed in recent times (thanks to greater awareness of the environment). This is prove in rooms like the kitchen, both industrial and domestic, have auxiliary furniture and countertop covers (which replace the classic granite or marble) with zinc plate finishes. In addition to being aesthetically attractive. If we take care of them they can be keep in good condition for a long time.

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If we move away from kitchens and dining rooms. Zinc is also a safe bet in offices and study environments. Especially in regard to drawers, organization boxes, filing cabinets and tables or desks. This type of furniture and office accessories in zinc (bins, filing cabinets) of industrial type are very suitable. Because they print that pleasure to recreate the trade. The profession and the memory of old offices and couriers. Yes, I repeat myself again. As I always say, in honor of a great architect and designer (Mies van der Rohe), “less is more”. With limited elements, but carefully selected interior design wins in distinction.

In this way, each of them stands out for itself and makes your home personal. A room well decorated, without excesses or saturation. Aays much more than one characterized by the accumulation of elements without sense, order, or concert. There are numerous accessories and decorative pieces of this material. But, undoubtedly, one of the most characteristic are the shelves, both solid and network. These last ones are the ones that offer us the most possibilities. Because they allow us to combine the gray of this metal framework with the back wall. The next furniture and everything we want to place in them.

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