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Dec 8th
Wedding Cylinder Vases Centerpiece Ideas

Inside the interior decoration today we are going to show you ideas of how to decorate a glass cylinder vases, to make large decorative vases with flowers, dry leaves and make modern vases . Getting to work to decorate glass vases is not always easy, especially if you have risen one day of those in which you lack inspiration for everything. But you have got between the ideas of ​​changing the decoration of some of your vases. There are some proposals for decorations of glass vases since these are very common in home decoration, do we show it to you?

To decorate a glass jar you can put only a flower, a set of flowers . Or make a flower arrangement with dry leaves, there are many possibilities offer by glass vases to decorate with flowers . Think that the flowers are typical. But never go out of style, so it is a safe bet for decoration. One of the simplest, quickest and cheapest ways to decorate a crystal vase is to opt for ornaments with dried flowers, flowers or petals, etc. Thanks to its great variety of tones and colors. These are sold in decoration stores. And you simply have to fill the vase since they come ready to be use to decorate glass vases .

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A very simple and cheap method to decorate modern vases is to opt for the traditional chalk powder. If you turn colored chalk into powder. And make layers of different colors, you can have a vase decorated with the cutest. Although you should not abuse this technique and always better in small size. Inside the decoration of interiors in recent years have been much use vases with stone decoration. Especially in modern or minimalist decoration styles. It is a very fast resource and you can find them in decoration stores and its price is very low. Our recommendation is that all stones are either the same size. Or the same color and tone to create a sense of harmony.

The gel balls is also a very fast and economical option to decorate with modern vases . You can use it in very simple ways, you put them in water and they grow and later we could incorporate them. Gel balls are usually a very beautiful and use decorative element that offers a lot of chromatic variety. You can choose to include several tones. Or make a monochromatic one that maintains the uniqueness with your base colors of the decoration.

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