Ideal Place to Put Free Standing Towel Rack

Dec 7th
White Towel Stand

When we already have clear interior design from our bathroom the work begins. And everything goes according to plans. But the last day of work the installer asks us about the accessories to leave them all placed, and it is at that moment when we realize that we have not thought about where to put the free standing towel rack. With a bit of luck we have a small space to place it but, if we have chosen a wall-to-wall continuous washbasin cabinet, we have storage columns in the only free wall and the toilet and shower occupy the rest of the space, so we have than to give a return to the subject and to look for the best option to be able to dry our hands.

Here we show the most common options where to place the towel rack. Yes, it is preferable to think about it before starting the bathroom reform. There are washbasin cabinets that bring a hanger by default. They usually come on one side of it. For our part, we only need to decide whether we prefer the towel rack on one side of the shelf (or sink) or on the bottom. If yours is a more classic style, you may have considered a sink with a metal structure. In this case, it is possible to take advantage of the horizontal bar of the structure as a towel rail.

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We can use a handle to place the towel on it. But it is convenient that the handle is not that of a drawer and that there are more drawers underneath. The towel can be very uncomfortable when we want to access the lower drawers. Ideally, it should be a complete removable module. On the other hand, it will also be practical in cases where we have a shelf with baskets under the sink. Which is usually access less frequently. One of the most practical cases, using a towel rack fix to the wall by one of its ends a few centimeters from the sink, just enough to put the towel.

In this option, we recommend that both washbasin. And also towel rail have the same background measure as the last one is lower. It would not be comfortable or aesthetic if the towel protruded from the washbasin cabinet. Whether we have a large bathroom that allows us to locate the towel rack anywhere as if ours is a tiny toilet. Have a counter made to measure and also have the skirt perforated to hang the towel. No doubt is synonymous with design, as well that if the budget allows it, this option is worth being valued.

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