Easy and Inexpensive Cleaning Fiberglass Shower Pan

Dec 7th
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The maintenance of the shower tray is not very complicate, especially if you follow these simple tips to clean fiberglass shower trays. Fiberglass shower pan are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your shower clean. The plates are made of fiberglass, which is made of extremely fine glass fibers combined with a resin. Once installed under the shower, the shower tray helps the water to drain out of the shower. The shower tray is easy to install. Simply take the measurements of your shower and buy a dish that matches the space available and that in turn matches the design of your shower. The shower tray helps preserve the floor of your shower as it avoids its contact with water.

Fiberglass does not tolerate very well cleaning with acidic or corrosive cleaning agents. These cause the material to disintegrate which leads to deterioration of the shower tray. It is better to use neutral cleaning agents when cleaning your fiberglass shower tray. Make sure you clean the corners and edges. An old toothbrush can help you with this task. If you do not pay attention, moisture and dirt can accumulate in these areas and promote the increase of germs. This can lead to health problems. It is also best to avoid steel scourers or brushes that are too hard to clean your shower tray. These can easily cause scratches and damage your shower tray permanently.

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Because of continued use, a layer of dirt composed of soap scum may accumulate. The best way to eliminate it is with a soap removes grease and a nylon scrubber. Leave the soap removes grease on the shower tray for a while to emulsify the dirt layer. Rinse the shower tray thoroughly with hot water and dry it with an old towel. It is better if you thoroughly clean your shower tray once a week to prevent the accumulation of this layer of dirt.

If your water has a high presence of minerals, it is very likely that you have mineral deposits in your shower tray. Use a cleaner that is suitable for removing lime from fiberglass. Although this cleaner is usually slightly acidic, it is design to safely remove lime from fiberglass. The cleaner will not leave marks on the fiberglass as can happen with other highly acidic cleaners. Maintaining your shower tray can become a nightmare if you do not regularly apply the tips for cleaning fiberglass shower trays. With this you will manage to keep it practically new and extend your life for a long time.

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