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Nov 24th
Vintage Pharmacy Cabinet
Vintage Pharmacy Cabinet

An Our apothecary dresser of drawers offers the ultimate in the formulation. by adapting to any type of pharmacy to provide the ideal solution. To the most diverse containment requirements. Our drawer units are designed based on a modular. A structure that consists of a wide range of profiles and panels. To create solutions ideas from different shapes, sizes, and capabilities.

One of the main features of our apothecary drawers is the availability of various depths. They can be supplied in sizes of 100 and 110 Cm ensuring maximum containment capacity. The modular structure in the different widths can be customized through a combination of panels of various shapes and sizes. Depending on your available space.

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The result will be a chest of drawers with the maximum containment capacity. Another essential element of the apothecary cabinet DIY drawer is the ability to have different heights. That can support any type of product. Finally, we point out the wide range of front panels available to make the design of your pharmacy.

The Apothecary dressers  type of traditional

Currently, we call it a pharmacy, but at the end of the 19th century, medicines were available in the pharmacies. It is a type of traditional establishment that formerly housed all kinds of natural remedies, roots, and seeds. We recover the vintage spirit of this type of “shops” full of porcelain jars, flasks, bottles and other ointments.

The dressers are the perfect piece of furniture to complete the dining room, essential for storing the dishes, as well as being able to coordinate with the rest of the decoration. The trenchers most classic and remain the sober trend in compact designs and a variety of drawers and doors, in natural shades like white powder coating.

The most up-to-date vintage designs offer very flirty French sideboards , as well as more ornate and baroque ones, perfect to combine with a mirror. They are new oriental style dressers with delicate painted decoration, as well as furniture inspired by the American dining rooms of the 50s and 60s.

The Antique Apothecary Dresser Contemporary Version

Some places, some shops seem to be opposed to contemporary research as if they lived in a sort of limbo. That keeps them far away, indifferent to the evolution contemporary design. Nowadays contrary to what used to happen until the 1950’s pharmacies have become an emotional place. Chemists today are not reminiscent of anything else besides the obvious and static choice of color. With the tones of green or blue. which not coincidentally are similar to hospitals.

These considerations are the summary of a briefing by Piero Surdo. The architect who interprets them as a challenge to recall the precise craftsmanship of the pharmacies past. Health shops in the center of our cities rich in moldings and carved precious wood. Perhaps they were full of ceramics and capped glass jars containing the strangest herbs and minerals cleverly. Skillfully and precisely mixed in order to cure almost all known diseases.

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