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Jun 10th
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Decorative furniture that mirrored bedside table the objects around it like carpets, the color of the wall or the vases. As you know, contemporary style is a simple style where white and simple lines are one of its main characteristics. The tables in this style have straight lines and should be light colors. Having drawers or doors or shelves, this will depend only on your storage needs. If you have large bedrooms, do not hesitate to use large table lamps, so they will be more important in the bedroom and you will need fewer accessories to decorate it. The mirror and the furniture that is in it is one of the compliments that we should least take into account and is that not only makes the furniture more functional.

But also allow us to enjoy greater clarity and light in the rooms because they make natural light reflect and magnify. This, as you can already be sure, will be great if, for example, you have rooms that are a bit dark and you want the natural light to look more. Although we associate the cheap mirrored nightstand with the current decoration, the first furniture that used mirrors dates back to the 12th century. The first furniture was made in bronze to which mirror surfaces were added. In the seventeenth century, the factories of Venice began to produce mirrors of large sizes and mirror furniture was created.

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The furniture with mirrors is pretty in itself. They attract attention but are more ethereal than wood or metal. This type of furniture is usually made of wood that is then lined with mirrors. Different styles of mirror nightstands were tested. Mirror furniture with wooden supports, shell, ebony, gold or silver bath. In decoration, the mirrors were symbols of luxury and beauty. The taste for mirrors spread and Venetian artisans settled in France. A lot of objects were manufactured. From walls lined with mirrors, to furniture. All these objects were symbols of luxury since they were expensive pieces to manufacture.

Mirror furniture in the 60s was very common in bathrooms, typical with doors where toothbrushes and other bathroom accessories were placed inside. They fulfilled a double function, to make of mirrored chests of washbasin at the same time of closet. From the furniture with mirrors from the bathrooms to the glamorous designs with metallic glitter on consoles or tables. Elegant, original furniture that becomes the center of attention in any corner. In the modern or minimalist trend, metallic glitter or high-gloss reflective surfaces are fashionable.

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