Decorating Bookcase Room Dividers for Small Space

Nov 18th
Room Dividers

Minimalist home design at this time certainly with furniture design that the longer the better. We give examples of some beautiful design bookcase room dividers. It can also be a wooden room divider that the model is very suitable for you who want an interesting and simple home atmosphere. This decoration is very suitable to put in the living room, relax room, and library.

In family homes, you cannot always have open spaces for practical reasons and it is necessary to separate environments through room divider bookshelf system partitions. We give you some ingenious ideas to delimit the zones without the need to make major reforms. We start with this simple and attractive panel, attached to the floor and ceiling by means of three iron anchors, which expose the decorative ceiling of wooden beams. In addition, the panel is use to place a collection of drawings and works of art.

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The solid bookshelf room divider are a recurrent and effective solution to separate two environments, such as the one in the upper image. On the one hand, the library is open to the living room and has storage capacity for books and the television. The back that gives the dining room is a smooth panel that serves as a decorative background to hang pictures. If the library does not reach the ceiling it gives a better decorative result, because it favors the visual perspective and the amplitude of the space.

To take advantage of the wide gap under the staircase, in this house was build a piece of furniture. That includes bookshop and desk, all build with beech wood panels. It is a modular furniture, design express for space. From which a folding table that serves the entrance area is also to be extract. A very original and practical design, where all the angles and sides of the furniture are in use. This attractive separator bookcase furniture is made from hollow drawers, placed on one side and the other. So, that both the living room and the bedroom have storage space. The central hole is occupied by two identical television screens. The furniture is made of lacquered in white, with fronts in washed oak.

There are also multifunctional solutions, such as the mobile series, special design in a modular cabinet divider design. This original system has a fixed central panel and two sliding glass side doors. Inside, shelves and drawers are camouflage behind the central module. Furthermore, it leaves the rest of the space to place racks or a study area or dressing table. Its versatility allows it attach to the wall or exempt in the middle of a room. Just to create two differentiated zones.

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