Cowhide Pillows: Attractive In Living Room!

Dec 5th
Pillow Cover Pattern

Cowhide pillows or rugs are elegant and stylish that often contributes to a more attractive informal environment, without compromising elegance. A cowhide rug can be a very nice focal point in a living room and also a very elegant detail for decoration. The sweat causes that with the time and the use the pillows begin to show a yellowish color. If you want them to look like new ones, try this trick! It works! The importance of cleaning them regularly is that, as the days go by, they become a home for mites and microbes that can affect health.

For this reason, do not wait until they look too dirty to give them a good cleaning. The faster you wash them, the more security for your family. And less effort to get rid of those possible spots. On this occasion we want to share a special washing technique with which you can whiten the pillows to leave them as new. Do not hesitate to try it! The main reason why pillows lose their white hue is. Because they absorb the sweat that we release while we sleep. Although sometimes we are not aware of it, when resting the body continues to release sweat to maintain a balance in its temperature.

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Depending on the type of fabric that covers the pillow. This liquid is absorbed by its internal part or is exposed on the surface, forming the known “maps”. The spots are also produce by the saliva we spill when we sleep with our mouths open. In both cases the fluids can penetrate the protective cover and create an environment conducive to mites and bacteria. The danger is that they can reach the body and cause respiratory allergies or skin problems.

When the pillows get a yellowish tone, there are those who prefer to replace them with new ones. Because they consider washing them too tedious. However, if they are in perfect condition, it is not necessary to wash them every week or every month. In fact, with four or five times a year that they wash they can be well preserve. Although it does require a little time for them to fit, it’s worth trying. Instead of spending large sums of money buying new pillows. The trick to free them from all kinds of spots is to acquire the right ingredients to remove them from the deepest of tissues. The method we share above is perfect for improving the appearance of pillows when they have accumulate sweat stains or other types of substances.

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