Cowgirl Bedding Ideas for Kids

Nov 24th
Whispering Creek Western Bedding
Whispering Creek Western Bedding

A cowgirl bedding themed bedroom can be a perfect way to decorate the room with a girl who loves horses and the old west. When you begin to think of the objects and colors associated with cowboys, cowgirls and old west, it becomes obvious that many ideas can be easily created and used to decorate a cowgirl bedding full-size bedroom.

Colors Cowgirl Bedding Ideas

Use indigo blue as a dominant color to give a denim feel to the bedroom. Compliments indigo with red for a bold look or pink for a more feminine look. Red has a cowgirl feeling because of the usual red bandanas that are popular cowboy and cowgirl wear. Pink, while not associated with cowgirls necessarily, will add a feminine feel to the dark indigo color and can be used to lighten the room.

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Walls and Floors

Make a chair rail along the wall. Paint the bottom of the wall an indigo denim color. Above the railroad rail, paint the wall either light pink or red, depending on your desire for color. Along the railroad rail, attach a long length of rope by nailing it on the wall with small nails. Above the railroad rail, consider using more ropes to specify a child’s name. Add horse pictures to the walls.

Add a field rug that praises the cowgirl bedding sets twin theme. Red and blue controls or a color area mat would be attractive options. For a more rustic feeling, consider a natural fiber that looks like a sackcloth.


Add hats, spurs, bandanas, and ropes to the shelves. Make a coat for a window of bandanas. Look for antiques that would have been used by cowgirls and put them to shelves. Make book support of cowboy boots. Look for drawer draws that suit the room’s colors or the theme. Find lampshades that match the colors, or cover and decorate lampshades with bandanas and fabric fringes.


There are many options for bedding that suit a cowgirl theme. Find horse clothes in colors that suit your color scheme. Gingham, check and checkered patterns easily fit into a cowgirl-themed bedroom.

Instead of using a bedding like, make your own bedding out separates. Use a denim bed cap as a basis for sprinkling. Add pink or red leaves, a gingham console and an assortment of different pillows to add color and interest to the bed. Look for a horse pillow to add a special cowgirl bedding sets twin touch.

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