24 Modern Countertop Ideas That Melt Your Heart

Dec 5th
Wooden Countertop Kitchen

One of the most important parts to make our modern kitchen decor a success are countertops. These are almost the most visible part of the kitchen, and, therefore, your choice is paramount to our modern style. Next we are going to talk about three special materials for countertop ideas . With them we will be putting much of the basics so that the style of our modern kitchen is successful. We are talking about stainless steel, Corian and Silestone. Through this article we will analyze each one of the comment materials. We will see its characteristics, and we will study its pros and cons . With all this information we will have a very precise idea of ​​what the countertops can offer us and what they can bring to our kitchen.

The first countertop material we will talk about is one that is increasingly present in modern kitchens. We speak of stainless steel , a material that we usually only find in hotel kitchens or restaurants. But as we say little by little it is reaching private homes. Why is it a material that is gaining prominence? The main reason (and the great advantage of stainless steel) is the hygiene offered by this material. Not in vain is one of the most hygienic materials that exist. It is very resistant to heat and acids, although it requires an almost constant cleaning.

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The downside of this material is that it does not resist the passage of time too well . They age very quickly and lose the initial brightness easily. Of course, with special products for steel we can reverse this aging and lengthen it. Following a material that you know for sure. Because it is almost the most famous of all when talking about modern materials. Surely you know someone in your environment who has a Silestone countertop , right? We must clarify that the signature has become a generic denomination of a type of countertops.

Although we talk about Silestone countertops , we actually do it with quartz countertops, resins and dyes. Which are the ones that give those colors so animated to this type of worktops. The advantage of these countertops is the resistance they offer to scratches, high temperatures and humidity problems. And finally we will talk about the Corian , another modern material that little by little comes to more kitchens. This material is made with a mixture of minerals and acrylic polymer.

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