Bunk Bed with Slide: It’s Fun!

Dec 4th
Twin Bunk Bed and Slide

When we choose the furniture for our house, we always take into account both its practical and decorative functions. And, in the case of children’s bedroom furniture, we can find a special feature. The fusion between the practical, the decorative and the fun the fun cannot be missing in your bedroom! And what better way than to start the day sliding down a slide? The bunk bed with slide are a great idea for the double children’s bedrooms. It will make such a necessary piece of furniture also a fun center. Wake up after a long night of sleep, get up and … slide down a slide! It looks like a movie, right?

Well now it is possible for the little ones of the house to start their days in the most fun way thanks to the bunks with a slide. The design of the bunks with slide is simple: normal bunk beds to which, in addition to the ladder they all have, a slide is added by which to get off the upper bed. The placement of the slide is very important. Because if one of the characteristics for which we chose bunk beds is to take advantage of all the space. It does not make sense to introduce a slide that is too long or that ends in the center of the room.

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We advise you to choose between the bunk beds with a small slide. And that this one comes out from one side of the bunk and not from the center. You will make the most of the space ! The bunk beds with slide are perfect for children’s bedrooms since the little ones are the ones who will most enjoy them. In addition to offering a fun-filled piece of furniture. We encourage you to choose bunk bed with slide that form a special design for children or decorate yourself.

Let the little ones live endless adventures in their bedroom! A deco idea for small children’s rooms that we love is to turn a wall into a blackboard so that our children have a bedroom and a playroom in the same room. And not for lack of space they run out of one of those options. If we do not want to paint an entire wall of slate color we can also hang a blackboard in the shape of a castle or balloon . It’s very fun! Try it!

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