Building Twin Canopy Bed Frame

Nov 26th
Giant Canopy Bed Frame

A twin canopy bed frame is one of life’s luxuries, and it really commands a price when bought. Building your own poster bed will not be cheap, but it will cost significantly less than any other handmade wood bed in the market. A simple, modern design is surprisingly easy to do, and you do not need men’s carpentry skills to do a good job.


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Load two 62-inch long planes of 2-in-8 pieces in a row that rest on a 2-inch edge, about 80 inches apart. Position 2 planks of 82-inch 2-of-8 timber over the ends of the planks; the 62-inch planks form the corner twin canopy bed frame with the inner edge of the 82-inch plank ends. Square outside 62-inch planks are at right angles to the 82-inch planks, and then attach the planks together with the 3-inch wood screw driven through the side of the 82-inch planks in the perpendicular ends of 62-inch planks each 3 inches. This is the base of the queen size four-poster bed frame.

Insert four 62-inch long 2-in-ones in the bed frame; push them down to level with the floor. There should be two pushed up against each end of the base, and two evenly distributed in the middle; there will be three inches of space from the top of these 62-inch mattress support planks to the top of the bed base. Place an 82-inch 2-by-3 plank flat on the work surface. Place two planks of 80-inch 2-of-4 timber at each end, at right angles to the 82-inch plank. Secure the two planks to 82-inch plank with four wooden screws through each end. Repeat with another two 80-inch planks of 2-of-4 and another 2-of-3 plank of 82 inches for the legs and side of the poster chapel.

Stand your legs upright so that the 82-inch canopy side is in the air and place the legs on either side of the bed base. Has a helper help you lift the twin canopy bed frame base to 5 inches from the ground and squeeze the base to the four legs at this height, using angle to ensure the legs are square with the base. Drive four 4-inch bolts through the side of each leg in the bedside and tighten the bolts on the inside of the base using the supplied nuts. Climb a stairway ladder and have your helper pass a 70-inch piece of 2-of-3 timber. Place this plank over the end of the legs at the top, which forms the corner with the 82-inch canopy sides.  Stain or paint a four-poster bed in the desired color and allow drying according to the stain or color manufacturer’s instructions. Put two sheets of 3/4 inch plywood, dimensioned 30 by 40 inches into the bed frame, resting on top of the 62-inch support planks in the base. The poster bed is now ready for a mattress.

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