Building Modern Chaise Sofa Lounge

Nov 22nd
Wonderful Modern Chaise

Many of us have an outdoor wooden modern chaise that we usually use in spring and summer. However, the weather does not always promote relaxing outdoors. By following a few simple steps, you can convert your outdoor chaise longue into an elegant indoor chaise longue sofa. Soon you will kick back the crumbled with a blanket; your favorite book and the family’s cat connect to your heart’s content.


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Build your Chaise Sofa. Build and fasten the back. Start by removing one of the arms from the lounge. Use the base of the arm, measure and cut by to create a back for one end of the living room. You can create a frame with 2-of-4 wood and cut wood rods to fill in. Replace it with a wooden screw to where the arm once was. Finish with a fine sandpaper to leave the surface smooth for the new color. Wipe clean with a dry cloth to remove any remaining dust.

Paint the wood. Your choice of color and fabric determines the style of the carton modern chaise lounge.  For a more modern, streamlined look, paint the wood in black or dark brown and use solid fabrics. Cut fabric and foam. When you finish painting wood, measure the back and seat to determine how much cloth and foam you need. If your outdoor pillows are in good condition, you can reuse them by sewing simple covers to cover them. If the old pillows are a bit flat, the elements will bump them up and give them a more firm feel. However, you will need to buy a new piece of foam for the new back you created. Pin the fabric. Transfer the measurements to the fabric and cut out the pieces that you will use for the back and seat of the lounge.

Sewing and finishing. Using the pins as a guide, sew a 5/8 inch seam along the outer edge of the fabric and leave an opening on the back of the pad where it will sit on the cart. Repeat this process for the back and seat pads and the new back part. Once you’ve done your covers, put the existing pillows or new foam inserts into the covers. Sew them closed with a needle and thread, and put the pillows on the cart. Do the same with the new pillow for the new rear chaise longue. Put pillows and a throw, and you’ve just converted an outdoor chaise longue into a new indoor chaise lounge. Relax and enjoy!

Tips and warnings

To give your new sofa chaise a more complete indoor look, you can put the cloth on the cart by attaching the foam and batting with a staple gun and using a clothing gun to dress the fabric directly on the wood.

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