Best Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

Nov 26th
White Bedroom Ideas
White Bedroom Ideas

Contemporary bedroom ideas paintings contain different ideas and compositions than traditional art. The artistic creations consist of bold lines, interpreting images and powerful messages. Not idealized or realistic scenic images like most bedroom paintings. Give your bedroom a rich and warm glow with a modern autumn tree mural. Cover the wall paint with warm gold paint and paint three, describe the small black hill over the lower third of the wall. Paint a tall, winding, dark brown tree with bare branches at the top of each hill. Cover the inside of each hill with light, spotted branches of forest green, burnt orange, dark red and dark gold. Create a swirl pattern around the top tree branches and sky with small dots in dark gold. Add a small dot of green, orange or red color to the middle of each dark gold dot.

Mimic the look of stained glass with a medium sized bedroom mural of a contemporary sun in the sky. Describe in the middle of the sun with black and paint thin black lines to divide the circle into “tart bits”. Paint each triangle with bright and dark yellow swirls. Disposition the big whirling flames around the sun center and paint each flame with various dark red, red, dark orange, yellow and yellow swirls. Outline triangular shapes in the remaining mural space to create the sky. Fill the sky shapes with miscellaneous swirls of dark blue, light blue, light blue and white.

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Paint a modern murmuring of a city at twilight to turn a window size area into a dramatic “window” image. Describe the mural with a thin black line so it looks like a piece of the wall was easily cut away. Cover the wall painting with wavy, mixed, horizontal lines in white, dark gray, gray, brown, amber, blue, purple and yellow to create the sky. Paint various black skyscrapers scattered across the wall. Make sure every skyscraper reaches the wall at least two thirds of the road.

Create an abstract image of stars on the night sky for a contemporary bedroom ideas wall painting with a classic theme. Cover the ceiling with thin, lightly mixed lines in black and various dark blue colors to create the sky background. Use various white and silver shades to create different format stars. Each star consists of at least one point, a small ring and a small ring. Paint the stars spread randomly around the mural area.

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