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Nov 18th
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In this article I am going to give you some decorating ideas for the bathroom antique medicine cabinet , they are independent ideas from each other, it is not for you to apply them all, it is for you to choose the ones you like and also carry them out in your bathroom. From vintage accessories to striking designs, these easy ideas to decorate the bathroom will give a new style and will fill you with life. A wooden mirror with an aged or rustic look gives a lot of warmth to the bathroom , makes it cozy and away from busy modern life.

The wood is very warm and in the bathroom it will always look great. It is also a very good temperature insulator and prevents dampness. The natural decoration in the bathroom is a trend. It gives a very relaxing and fresh air, plants and objects of wood, esparto and wicker. And you will see how cozy the bathroom is.  Put antiques in the bathroom, decorative objects, the bathtub, sink, mirrors, a bench, any old. And also beautiful object will be great in the bathroom.

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If you are lucky enough to have natural light in the bathroom. Use it, when you are not grooming let the light in. Iit will give you a lot of life and it will look cleaner. Making a rustic bathroom is not easy, you have to combine all the elements very well. Which are usually difficult to find, but if you get it, the result is spectacular. It is a decoration idea for the bathroom very daring . This type of decoration is usually done in furniture or the wall of a room. Bbut in the bathroom it is more difficult to see it since the humidity can spoil the paper if you do not cover it with a good protective varnish layer.

As I said before, everything old is very good in the bathroom. And if you like retro decoration a vintage medicine cabinet cannot miss. If you have a room with a bathroom, dare to join them. The amplitude that you will gain will be great. If you are modest you can put a screen with bamboo canes to separate the spaces a little. We can transform our medicine cabinet or lavatory into a multiple storage space. We just have to take advantage of the inside of its doors to fasten some small shelves. Or adhere plastic buckets that serve small objects and accessories.

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