7 Simple Ways to Decorate Corner Accent Table

Jun 4th

If you need a place to put the coffee cup, place a plant or hold a lamp, then you probably need an accent table. Closing tables, coffee tables, console tables and plant stand tables are categorized as accent tables in the home. Offered in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, they fit all the furnishings of the room. Axis tables are constructed of wood, glass, metal, rattan or an artistic combination of these elements. You can arrange flowers, vases and others to make your corner accent table a talking point. This article tells you seven ways to decorate this classic piece. Grouping of vases; find three or five vases of different heights to place together. Do not need to be identical but keep in mind that they will work better if they are the same material or color (for example, all white or all glass).

Wedge End Table

Place the vase higher in the center and group the others around it. Books and accessories; select an object more or less as high as half the diameter of the table to place in the center. Then organize stacks of two or three books as spokes of a wheel around the central fixture. Do you like to add objects on the stacks of books? Balance by placing accessories on top of two stacks and leave one free. Asymmetrical arrangement; another ways to decorate corner table furniture is, a simple but great idea. That is to place a lamp, a vase or a sculpture on the back and portraits in the front. A large flower arrangement; Choose a pot that covers three quarters of the surface of the table and plant something precious and interesting. Be realistic about the amount of light you receive.

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And get advice from a nursery to choose the plants. You can also opt for a floral arrangement of unrivaled diversity, unparalleled realism and lasting elegance. A tablecloth; a long tablecloth can help you with storage. You can keep some baskets underneath out of sight. Do not forget to decorate your corner end tables with some accessories to keep it elegant. Two stools or a pair of armchairs; if space allows and your table is high enough, adding two stools under the table. Or a pair of armchairs on each side will complement your look. It is a very useful idea to take a moment to browse through the books. A great trio; Choose two large pieces to fill most of the space and place a third smaller one in front. The key is not to hinder you up with a lot of small objects.